WSG ep:34 The Best Steak Bomb (Steak n’ Cheese)

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The Best Steak and Cheese Boston North

Unfortunately, most steak and cheese subs you buy are not good.  Every sub shop has them, but is getting a really good one a thing of the past?  We thought so until we did this show.

I found this description from Yelp funny and all too true.  “A bunch of greasy waxed paper.  Two cheap, thin halves of a bun, overflowing with very hot, flavorless, overcooked, under-salted beef.  So much of it, in fact, that I had to eat the first half standing over the sink, as tiny, rock-hard pellets of blisteringly overcooked beef fell

out of the sandwich and into the sink.  Was there mayonnaise?  Maybe the spirit of some, ethereally dabbed onto the sad excuse for a bun.  Were there hot peppers?  No, not really.  Not so much as you could taste.”

Is it always this bad?  No, but close. In this area of the country we love our steak and cheese subs and we continue to order these substandard sandwiches hoping for the steak and cheese of years ago.

A steak and cheese sub should be a quality piece of meat that is shaved in house shortly before use.  It is cooked in oil on a grill until done.  Not browned and hard, just done.  Cooked veggies are added to the meat to warm up.  They should be soft but still retain their shape and color.  Land O’Lakes cheese is melted on to the meat and veggies and the whole thing is carefully put into a high quality sub roll so that the cheese stays with the meat and veggies and doesn’t end up adhered to the bread.  This is not rocket science, the sub shop owner has to care about serving the best quality product he can and be able to charge enough to earn a living.  Don’t complain about quality if you aren’t willing to pay for it.  Here is our list of the best.

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