WSG #33 Meat Pie Episode

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Meat Pies, Every Culture’s Fast Food

Almost every culture has a handheld meat pie to call their own.  Handheld pies were a convenient way to feed the working men and use up bits of meat and leftovers.  The Italians have a pork based pie, either round or rectangular and cut into slices. Not that common anymore, there does seem to be a pocket of places in the Merrimack valley selling this type of meat pie.  The Lebanese use a lighter dough made with seasoned beef and onions.  When done right, they are little flavor bombs with a hint of lemon, due to the use of sumac.  Most Caribbean countries have patties and turnovers, with the most famous being the Jamaican Beef Patties which is almost impossible to find a truly homemade one.  Indian cultures have the samosa (lamb, potato, peas) which can be fairly mild in flavor to extremely hot. Read Entire Article HERE

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