WSG #32 Best Northshore style Roastbeef Sandwich

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Best Roast Beef Sandwich Boston and North

Regions of the country are known for certain foods.  Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks, New York has its cheesecake, Boston has its clam chowder and Maine has its Lobster.  But in addition to those well-known items of regional foods, there are many other lesser ones.  When it comes to Boston, particularly the North Shore you have the Roast Beef Sandwich.  Its popularity extends up to New Hampshire and across to Rhode Island as well.  This is not just any sandwich piles high with roast beef between any 2 pieces of bread.  Oh no, this is a culinary delight and locals are fiercely loyal to their favorite roast beef place.

History of the Sandwich
Kelly’s, Revere Beach (5 locations throughout Northshore)

The history of this sandwich goes back to 1951 and the founders of Kelly’s roast Beef.  Ray Carey and Frank McCarthy first

worked together at the Paul Roger House. They then went into business together, opening a hot dog stand next door but still working at the restaurant, where Carey was a manager and McCarthy the chef. One night, a wedding booked for the Paul Roger House cancelled, leaving the duo with several roast beefs. So the beef didn’t go to waste, they ended up taking the roast beef over to the hot dog stand, and there began the Roast Beef Sandwich.  They changed the stand into Kelly’s Roast Beef in 1951.   Arby’s has publicly cited Kelly’s Roast Beef as an inspiration in their book. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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