WSG #30 Best Breakfast North of Boston

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Best Breakfast North of Boston
Tuscan Market Breakfast Pizza

When we started the research for the best breakfast north of Boston show, we didn’t realize how hard it would be to find a good place for breakfast in our area.  What we found is that it is difficult to find a place for breakfast that is using real ingredients and taking the time to prepare food properly.  We started with some well-known diners, one of which was #1 in the country on The Daily Meal list.  This diner used a lot of frozen pre-prepared items, did not cook the food correctly and used cheap ingredients.  In addition, service was sub-standard and when the bill came, it was also no bargain.

We tried another local diner that is always busy.  On a Saturday about noontime, we waited for a half hour.  The restaurant is quite large and was full.

Service was actually pretty good but we knew the server from another restaurant.  The food however was below par.  Again, items that used to be homemade were now not, cheap ingredients used and care was definitely not taken with cooking food.  They served some kind of processed cheese sauce as hollandaise.  The cost of our meal was the same as Boston Prices.  This became the norm for most local eateries serving breakfast.  Fortunately, it forced us to go way outside our usual routines.  Here are a few of some bright spots for breakfast.

The Breakfast Café, Bradford

The breakfast Café is located in a small strip-mall in Bradford, MA.  It is run by a family that has owned other small restaurants in the area.  Our hopes were not high when we saw the location of this tiny restaurant.  Upon entering, you see about 10-12 tables with a few counter stools.  Lots of delicious smells hit you as you walk in and that’s where our hopes began to rise.  The owner greeted us warmly as we entered.  She brought us a good cup of coffee and an even better cup of ice coffee.  The menu was decent size with the front cover listing the specials of the week.

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