WSG #29 Best BBQ Sweet Cheeks & The Smoke Shop

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Here we have our list for Best BBQ in Boston and North.

The Northeast isn’t known for its BBQ, or is it???  We have come a long way in the last few years in the BBQ game but we are no way near a true BBQ capital.   We looked at all of the “Best BBQ lists” and found they have many places in common.  So we went out and tried a real lot of them.  What did we find?  A lot of just Ok BBQ.  We aren’t about trashing restaurants so we prefer to recommend those that we feel are superior or offer something special and not mention those that are lacking.

Several of the BBQ restaurants that come highly recommended had meat that was so smoky and so salty we found it almost inedible.  The sides were ok; nothing to write home about and the cornbread was dry and cakey.  Another of the Bests was undercooked quite a bit.  The flavor of the Beef and pork ribs was good (just the right amount of smoke and salt), but were tough and chewy because they weren’t cooked enough.  They also were the most reasonably priced.  Perhaps it was a bad day.

One of the best BBQ places for many years had ribs that were dry, salty and too smoky.  They had the texture of being re-heated.  The mac and cheese side was dry, tasteless and re-heated.  It felt like we were eating yesterday’s BBQ dinner.  They were out of several items as well.  Below are the ones we reccomend.  BBQ isn’t cheap so make sure to bring plenty of money.

Sweet Cheeks Q, Boston

Sweet Cheeks Q is the love child of Chef Tiffany Faison, runner-up from the 1st season of Top Chef.  Chef Faison helped ignite the BBQ craze in Boston when she….Read Entire Article HERE

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