WSG #26 Cheap Eats in Boston Rino’s & Tenoch

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Boston Cheap Eats

Rino’s has been in business for 24 years, originally opened by Rino and Anna DiCenso, then they in turn handed over the business to their Son Chef Anthony DiCenso. Born and raised in Italy, Chef Anthony has made Rino’s place what it is today.  Because they are located in a congested residential section of East Boston, parking is quite a challenge.  The interior is quite small with maybe 12 tables so a wait of up to 2 ½ hours is not uncommon.  The menu is reasonably priced menu and they serve large portion sizes.  They are known for their huge homemade ravioli, veal and red sauce.  Many off the employees are long-timers so there is a lot of familiarity with the regular customers.  It feels warm and comfortable inside and you begin to wish you too were part of this family.

We started with half orders of seafood stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes.  Both were flavorful and delicious and more than enough for two people.  Next we tried the shrimp scampi served with garlic bread.  The shrimp were slightly overcooked but the fragrant sauce and perfectly toasted bread more than made up for it.  A garden salad came with our meal.  The salad was crisp and fresh, served on a cold plate and the house dressing was peppery and everything you want from an Italian dressing.  For entrees we ordered the eggplant parmigiana, added veal parmigiana and included homemade cavatelli that was cooked perfectly.  The veal was not as thin as you usually see it, but it was extremely tender and had a delicate meat flavor.  I find that so often veal that you get in restaurants is mild and flavorless.

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