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The Chinese Buffet, a love hate relationship

I love all kinds of Chinese food, authentic and the American/Chinese items we are all so familiar with.  Every now and then I am in the mood for Chinese Buffet.  I don’t expect it to be as good as ordering each dish individually but there are places that come close.  The best time to do Chinese buffet is Sunday, usually for dinner.  This is when the big ticket items are on display, like lobster, oysters and prime rib.

Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine, Westford (Locations in Bedford and Dedham as well)

The atmosphere is contemporary Asian design with soft colors and soothing music playing.  Bamboo offers a regular menu, daily lunch buffet (12.99) and a good-size popular Sunday night buffet from 5pm-8pm (24$).  The Sunday night buffet has a large amount of seafood on it in addition to the usual Americanized Chinese specialties you know and love.  The buffet includes soup, which the server will bring you upon request.  The usual fare is done pretty well for a buffet.  Chicken fingers have thin batter and are not greasy, boneless spareribs are tender and not chewy.  The crab rangoon actually tastes like crab.  The steak teriyaki is phenomenal; cooked med rare and sliced into strips.  The seafood is really where it’s at here.

The buffet offers oysters, tuna poke and several shrimp dishes.  All are fresh and plentiful.  There are usually 5 or 6 kinds of maki rolls, and 4 or 5 sashimi/ sushi selections.  A huge favorite is the pan fried lobster.  It is wonderfully delicious.  The entire lobster is cut up into bite size pieces so there is tail, knuckle and claw.  Just in case it sounds like it is all seafood, don’t worry.  Lots of chicken items, Peking duck wrapped in pancakes with accompaniments, several noodles and rice dishes, salad, desserts and ice cream.  The fried items have a kind of delicate, crispy coating that actually leaves you feeling pleasantly full, instead of bloated.  As with any buffet don’t try to go a half hour before they close…it will be almost bare.  Depending on server, the service can be challenging. Read Entire Article HERE

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