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June 15th is National Lobster Day and in honor of such, we take a look at the New England Lobster Roll, or Lobsta roll as we Yankees say.


 In the Northeast, we have a love affair with lobster.  But it was not always that way.  In North America, the American lobster did not achieve popularity until about 1860.  Before that they were considered the poor man’s chicken, was fed to pigs and goats, and only eaten by paupers.  Dirt-cheap and plentiful, lobsters were routinely fed to prisoners, slaves and children during the colonial era.  In Massachusetts, some servants allegedly sought to avoid lobster-heavy diets by including stipulations in their contracts that they would only be served the shellfish twice a week.  Lobsters live 45 to 50 years.  According to Guinness World Records, the largest lobster ever caught was in Nova Scotia, Canada, weighing 44.4 lbs. and measured 42 inches long.

Traditional New England restaurants serve lobster rolls with a side of potato chips or french fries.  There are two kinds of Lobster rolls, hot and cold.  The hot has chunks of lobster meat slathered in butter and the cold is mixed with mayo, celery and perhaps some spice.  Both are on a toasted bun.  Maine lobster rolls are usually served on toasted hamburger rolls and Massachusetts and New Hampshire lobster rolls are usually served on a toasted New England hot dog bun.

Our list is primarily casual restaurants or shacks, many open seasonally and many accepting cash only.   Keep in mind, if you look at 10 lists of the 10 best lobster rolls, you will probably get 80+ different ones.  Enjoy! READ ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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