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The Beginners Guide to Chinatown Boston

On this episode of The Well Seasoned Gourmand we talk all about Chinese Food including how to maneuver Chinatown if you’ve been afraid to do so. Chinatown can be very intimidating if you’ve never really been there, especially if you don’t speak Mandarin. One look at a menu and many people are apt to run. We’ve been doing the whole Chinatown thing for years and have had many friends ask if I would take them. Instead of getting a busload we’ve decided to dedicate this show to Chinatown.

We talk about many places and usually I link websites to my posts, however most of these places don’t have a Facebook Page let alone a Website. So, in our podcast we describe as much as I can, including each recommendations location. We mention several places like Taiwan Café. Some of their best-known dishes include Beef with Longhorn Peppers, pan fried dumplings and crispy fried oysters. However, the menu has over 100 items, it’s in very fine print and you might get discouraged finding things that don’t scare you away as an American. Their menu consists of many traditional Chinese dishes that the average westerner isn’t familiar with like deep fried duck tongue and jellyfish salad. But we talk about all the stuff we know you will enjoy.

We also talk about Gourmet Dumpling House, a Chinese Bakery next door that makes awesome pineapple buns and dough wrapped hot dogs. We tell you which place to buy that delicious looking Chinese BBQ you see hanging in some windows. We even tell you about a place where you can buy the freshest organic chicken at half the Price of Whole Paychecks.

Finally, we let Mr. Jonathan and Dave chime in and mention a few Chinese restaurants outside of Boston including one place that has a menu half Chinese and half Italian, if you can believe it! So please tune in to this week’s podcast, and get yourself to Chinatown and try some of my favorite Chinese dishes.

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