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This week on the Well Seasoned Gourmand we talk a Spring Time road trip to the Gardens that inspired the Illustrations for one of the most told stories of all time, Little Red Riding Hood. Elizabeth Orton Jones originally illustrated the famous children’s book from Little Golden Books in 1948, by visiting Pickity Place in Mason NH. This charming New Hampshire Farm is still operating at the end of a long stretch of Dirt Road. But these days the old building serves as a luncheon restaurant and souvenir shop. Located behind the building is the entrance to a large garden area. They do sell seedlings of many of their plants the most relevant to me though are the diverse herbs I buy every year. They offer many standards like basil and oregano but they also sell hard to find plants like curry and lemon balm. In addition to being gorgeous grounds as I said they do lunch. Lunch is a monthly changing set menu, 5 courses and reservations are highly recommended, even on a week day. They try and use as much of their own herbs and vegetables from their own gardens as possible and much of the meal is vegetable driven as a result. They do often have meat as a choice of entrée but always also a vegetarian option. It really is a delicious and nutritious experience. I highly recommend going this season, walking among the tall grass, buy your herbs for planting and have lunch. Of course if you’re an over eater as I am you could even make a day of it by going to Parker’s Maple Barn first for breakfast then to Pickity Place for lunch.

We also talk about Burgers in and around Boston and North of Boston of course. Last week when we talked pizza everything was easy. No one ever argues that Santarpios isn’t number 1. It’s an understood fact by all true pizza loving Bostonians. The burger however is much more contentious. No one agrees. So as a start we have linked several of the respected authorities Best of Boston Burgers lists, and then we discussed the repeat entries and added some of our own favorites. Some of the places we talk about include R.F. O’Sullivan’s in Somerville and Lynn, Tasty Burger, Skip’s in Merrimac MA, and the highly sought after limited production burgers at Drink and Craigie on Main.

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Finally we wrap up with our usual list of upcoming events at local eateries including  a fun for the whole family Chocolate tasting at Taza in Somerville this Saturday, and a huge Greek Food Festival May 19-20th from 11AM-(PM at St. Phillip’s in Nashua, NH. Next month on June 3rd  from 1-5PM there is going to be the Craft Vines II Festival in Lowell MA, where there will be a ton of wine, cider, and meads to sample all from local producers.

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