The Golden Age Of The Podcast

Podcasts are a big part of the daily media with millions and millions of engaged listeners.  

Did you know it has been reported that 95% of podcast listeners take action to messages they heard on a podcast and 91% of podcast listeners actually listen to the entire podcast from beginning to end including the ads. This is not the case on most print, radio or TV as our subconscious minds are preprogramed to tune them out.   

Podcasts are the most valuable advertising commodity of the digital age, and it’s like a miracle when you get it and understand it.  

UNITED PODCAST NETWORK – We are podcast producers!

Speak directly to a nation-wide and international, hard to reach, audience of Millennials

Talk directly to smart, passionate and engaged people who would love to hear what you have to say about what they like to hear about.  

Be part of their lifestyle and part of their lives… and get them talking about what you say.  

Get on-board and talk to listeners who want to support the advertisers that support the podcasts they listen to.  

Take this marketing opportunity, become the authority of your subject matter and drive sales to your business.

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