10 Ways To Improve Your Podcast

CHOOSE A GREAT SHOW NAME, or change the one you have – Very Important – make it a good first impression and memorable.  Stay away from hard to pronounce or easy to misspell or too long or without purpose names.  Something that is easy to be indexed by search engines – ranking is very important.  Something your audience might search for, catchy, searchable, URL available,.  Facebook, and other social media available.  

COME UP WITH GREAT SHOW TITLES and even go back and change your old titles:  Show-stopping show names gets them clicking.  Eight out of ten people only read the title… so make it good.  

CLEAR ALL DISTRACTIONS – Before you begin teach show, put your phones in airplane mode, silence notifications on your computers, have a paper and pen handy, and have bullet notes of what should be discussed on the show in order and go!

PREPARE – Actually, over prepare!  If you have too much you can save some for another show, but having not enough will hurt the show and it will be obvious to the listener you have nothing more to say.  

ALLOW FOR CRITICISM – Have a way to receive feedback – email etc., and tell your listeners about them. Even if you believe it’s wrong, let the listeners in on it.  This will get them engaged and create even more criticism but this will now be constructive criticism and help you improve your show.  

SEGMENT THE SHOW – This is what the pro do, listen to any talk show, news program or interview show and there is a good reason for it.  It keeps you moving along and keeps the attention of the listener.  

DON’T FORGET THE ASK – You have given the listener free advice, information or entertainment, and they appreciate it. Most people will want to give back as it is human nature.  What do you want from your listener?  Feedback, Podcast Shares, Social Media Likes, Ratings or even to buy or try your product.  Don’t forget to ask.  

LIST – People love lists, this is one and you’ve already read down almost all the way.  Include top 5’s, 7’s or even 10’s, people like them and share them.  Go ahead… you know you want too.  SHARE

LINK SHOW NOTES – Link up the audio to show notes on your website, this will help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and allow people who normally read interviews be able to find you.     

JOIN A PODCAST NETWORK – Join with the others and connect with the millions who have already downloaded our podcasts.

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